If you’re like most people your home is your largest investment. Your roof protects everything; your family, your possessions, your livelihood. When the need to replace it arises choose a contractor you can rely on for good advice and quality workmanship. We will inspect your roof and provide options based on your needs. We install and replace most common types of residential roofing systems including:

Asphalt Shingles
Metal Roofing
Roof Ventilation

The reasons why you may need a new roof are numerous. Everything from wind damage to severe storm destruction, to even a lightning strike can do your roof in immediately, or cause it to begin a slow descent into decline. Rather than make costly repairs, sometimes it’s just less expensive and makes more all around sense to get an entirely new roof.

At Copper Range Roofing & Contracting Inc. we supply all the roofing services required for proper upkeep of your roof or complete replacement. Plus our professional roof installers will keep the lines of communication open with you to be certain that you’re totally satisfied with the service(s) we’ve provided.

If you’ve been contemplating replacing your roof, this is also a great time to mull over making a change to its style or color. Because if all goes right, a roof is designed to last for at least two decades or longer, and you don’t come across many chances to upgrade yours in such an eye-catching manner.

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