What’s the Best Answer – Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Does a roof leak mean you need a new roof?

Maybe not – many times a simple patch job may be sufficient to fix the issue. We place a high priority on giving honest and objective roofing advice.

Our first step will be to do a thorough, onsite inspection to get a complete idea of all issues your roof might have. With that information in hand, we can give you a recommended course of action as to whether a repair is all that is needed, or if more action is needed.

Our proposal carefully details all necessary work. We’re happy to work with you to ensure the repair or replacement addresses all of your home’s needs and restrictions. From the roof to the downspouts, gutters, soffit, and fascia, Copper Range Roofing & Contracting Inc. wants you to have a very high level of confidence in the comprehensive services we provide.

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